Xinhua exposes world’s (and young woman’s) underbelly. UPDATED

06 Aug
Xinhua exposes world’s (and young woman’s) underbelly. UPDATED

Xinhua , China’s official news agency, has seemingly confused images of from some sort of fetish porn video with images of an actual execution. UPDATE: Not seemingly, they did- and a link to the original is below, and apparently Global Times did it first: [Both galleries now deleted]

Let me say that again- China’s State News Agency- Posting Porn- Calling it footage of a western nation’s capital punishment in action.

The text above the pictures reads:

Actual Record of Female Inmate’s Execution – Exposing the World’s Darkest Side”

No question that something is being exposed in these pictures ;)…. but it may be Xinhua’s gullibility. From the Doctor’s fantastic pony-tail, the guard’s awesome green hair, the miserable office-building hallway and the disrobing death throws of the inmate… I dunno… I just can’t imagine this is an execution from anywhere, legal or otherwise.

Many other sites featuring the images expressly claim the images are an American execution, some even with a note from a doctor named Mark. The earliest I’ve found so far is July 4, 2013, if you see an earlier one let me know. See below for the source of the images.

Of course, China has been known to occasionally show heartbreakingly-real images of the final hours of some women prisoners :

and others:


but one can see the difference between these types of images, and footage of executions are rarely made public anywhere in the world.

Is this Chinese journalism exposed as the “darkest side of the world”?

8/6/2013 6:54 BJ Time UPDATE:

I have since identified the source of these images on a site specializing in rape themed pornography: I’m sure that the actors will be inspired to learn that they fooled the national news service of China with their performance, and that Americans can rest assured knowing that China’s opinion of our capital punishment is so low as to believe this.

Ironically, while many in China say that they oppose an uncensored internet because it would lead to too many false ideas being posted, in this case it would have quickly allowed them to debunk a falsehood being spread by an official news source…

The original images

The original images

Xinhua has also shipped these images over to the middle east:


xinhua arabia



And, since you took the time to read this far…… maybe you’d like to help out the guys who prevent much more serious mistakes with the real death penalty? innocence project





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  1. Kenneth R. Spring

    February 26, 2014 at 9:43 am

    How do I get to watch this video. Perferable for free online?


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